Chattahoochee Country Club is blessed with a rich history which has always provided a rewarding environment for the enjoyment of its members.

Led by a Board of Governors, CCC has always been filled with Gainesville’s finest community leaders among its membership. Of these, CCC can proudly claim the 1973 Masters winner Tommy Aaron.

In the beginning…

May 1950, the Gainesville Country Club Inc. was founded by the following charter members:

  • Leslie Quinlan
  • W.H. Slack Jr.
  • O.B. Leverett
  • Tom Paris Sr.
  • Oscar Lilly
  • John Davis


Options were obtained to purchase 700 acres for $250,000. This property is where the CCC subdivision, Country Club, and Chattahoochee Golf Course now reside. In December 1954, the charter was changed from the Gainesville Country Club to Chattahoochee Country Club. The officers at that time were:

  • J.D. Jewell – President
  • T.H. Paris Sr. – Vice President
  • John Davis – Secretary
  • Paul Turner – Treasurer

March 1955

Robert Trent Jones was employed to layout and design the golf course. At the time, Robert Trent Jones was the #1 golf architect in the world. CCC then sold the City of Gainesville 187.1 acres for $53,270 to be used as a golf course.

May 1959

Construction began on the first clubhouse for CCC.

June 1960

The Chattahoochee Golf Course, owned by the city, opened for play. Charles Aaron was hired to be the head golf professional. Records indicate that CCC had approximately 250 members in 1960.
Today, the Club has approximately 800 Members who make Chattahoochee Country Club their home away from home.